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Be rational to the changes ,Do well in communication on basis of sincere cooperation will.

Company Profile

Changsha Today Interact Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020, it is a Internet with strong R&D, supporting company operation, SEM hosting, advertising and promotion, network traffic flow trading and other business ,which committed to creating value by technology and bringing color to life by interaction.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the concept of innovation based on technology . At present, with the efforts of its highly talented team, the company has independently developed and launched a series of products such as HuTuoGuan,HuTouba,HuGuanzhu,HuBoBa,etc. With the company's development and business expansion, the team will continue to improve its product framework, enrich its product functions, aiming to create a composite one-stop personalized Engine platform  with columns of information exchange,question and help,interesting stuff discussion , puzzles, graphics and passage, picture collection,short videos, and a exchange platform between the advertisers and internet influencer.

The company has always considered its employees as an important assets and resource and has actively set up a high-quality team. Its core members have mainly worked in big Internet enterprises such as Alibaba, Baidu, Microsoft,ect,for more than 10 years,they can provide our users with reliable, efficient technical support and premium services.

In the future, Today Interact will adhere to the concept of " innovation based on technology " ,aiming to create an influential personalized information recommendation engine platform by actively absorbing the latest technology, fully exploring its users’need.

  • 2020  

    Changsha Company founded

  • 12 +

    Industry experience

  • 21 +


  • 20000 +


Company Culture

We committed to building a new innovative technology company, which will bring more conveniences in a quicker way for more customers through the power of technology. We are constantly moving forward by Adhering to the brand concept of "Striving to be great,Persistence leads to success, changing technology with innovation, creating new services with high efficiency and providing comfortable service experience ",
  • Aim for perfection
    • Keep improving, Wait for bigger gains.
    • Find the best solutions by widening your perspective.
    • Seek for the essence by continuously solve the problems.
    • Keep learning a
  • Be Grounded & Courageous
    • Make your own discoveries. Dive deep into facts.
    • Stay level-headed. Focus on impacts.
    • Be responsible ,be able to breakthrough yourself,and think out of the box.
    • Seek
  • Be Open & Humble
    • Trust yourself, trust each other.
    • Be willing to offer and ask for help. Collaboration creates value.
    • Approach problems with the big picture in mind.
    • Be mindful and
  • Be Candid & Clear
    • Dare to share your honest opinions.
    • It's okay to make mistakes. Own it when you do.
    • Stick to the facts, identify issues, and avoid leader-pleasing.
    • Be accurate and
  • Always Day 1
    • Take initiative and push boundaries- there is no task too big or too small.
    • Be resilient, Face reality and change it.
    • Embrace the changes,be optimistic to the uncertainty.
  • Champion Diversity & Inclusion
    • Be tenacious in making sure that the diversity of the world is reflected in your team.
    • Welcome people as they are, value uniqueness,and bring out potential.
    • Encourage participation from everyone.

Brand Story

In olden times,letters were delivered by a postman and horses, it took long time for one person to connect with another faraway. 

Entrepreneurship is a journey full of hardships and unknown barriers, there are many pitfalls on the way, many entrepreneurs inadvertently fall in, some will get out and move forward, while others will only stay and rot . We can learn from the experience of our fore-runners to stay on track.

At present , with the rise of the Internet, the traditional way of life has been subverted, Communication between people and their connection with the world ,has been reorganized and defined.

By using the internet, countless people meet from afar, communicating with each other and sharing their lives together. No matter how the times change, interaction is always an eternal way, it exists in any relationship and in every encounter.

The birth of Today Interact is a new interpretation of traditional interaction in the Internet era. Today and in the future,let’s build a closer link between each other in each interaction, explore the world better and create value with information spreading and interaction.

Brand Features

Rich in products, rapid in updating
As an Internet company focused on R & D and innovation, Today Interact has a variety of products with a range of functions to meet the different needs of users. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to user experience and market feedback, aiming to create excellent Internet products by constantly updating and improving the product performances,

Senior team with outstanding talents.
The team of Today Interact has been deeply involved in the Internet industry for many years, The team has a wealth of experience in  R & D and technical support.It has launched a series of Today Interact Products with the idea of market-oriented, user-centered.

With the the belief of "science and technology is the engine of life",we keep improving and innovating and never stop learning on the way. We are confident that with the guidance of our brand spirit,  Today Interact will bring the most satisfactory service to your company and give you a best explanation of the power of science and technology.

Brand Meaning

"Today Interact " is very catchy and with profound meaning.
"Today" is a dynamic time point, each day is a new "Today ";" Interact" means communication between people, but also a link between people and the world.
"Today Interact" combines the dynamic time and the eternal together,which perfectly interprets the immediacy of information in the Internet age and the diversity of social networking. Today Interact ,let‘s re-link to the world in everyday.
Today Interact will  provide you with a different experience to the extreme.

Company Proposition

Build a top class team with vitality and passion,Provide the best service with innovative technology.

Everything is changing fast in the internet era,consumers are changing.
In such changing times, Today Interact is adapting by providing each customer with the best service based on the most advanced technology!

What Can Today Interact do? 
Our answer is very simple: focus on the Internet,to create a perfect user experience with profession and most advanced technology!


Company Founders

Mr Glenn


Glenn ,The founder of Today Interact graduated from a domestic university with a top-class computer degree,following outstanding performance in school.He successfully joined a large reputable domestic internet company after his graduation.he has been doing this job on the front line for many years and contributed to the prosperity of this business.

His experience in the company strengthened his technical skills ,broadened his vision and his ideas. Seeing the infinite opportunity of the Internet industry and as an aspiring young man, he chose to resign and start his own business.

With More than 10 years of experience, the founder has accumulated a wealth of resources.With a group of like-minded elite in this industry, we established "Today Interact ", aiming at adding more value to the society  by working with partners all over the world on collaborative innovation and providing efficient and reliable services.


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